Lygia Clark: Caminhandos 

The Caminhandos (1963) of Brasilian artist Lygia Clark consist of Moebius bands being cut by the viewers-actors of the work. This process of cutting, that is, the process in which the work manifests itself, creates a disorientation of time and space: For a moment, left and right, object and subject, making and consuming become hard, or impossible to tell apart. To Clark, the Caminhando is like a landscape that makes itself “through a window of a moving train:”[1] endless in its potential expansion, but immanent in the finiteness of the framing provided by the window of the train. Like a landscape making itself in the lens of a camera, filming out of the window of a circling car. “Each fragment like a totality in time, a totality of being, making itself in front of my eyes, in the immanence of the moment. […] the moment, the decisive thing.”[2]

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