Elske Rosenfeld, A Bit of a Complex Situation, 2-channel video, 2014

Material: Excerpt of a video recording of the first session of the Central Round Table of the GDR, 7 December 1989, East Berlin (courtesy of the Robert Havemann Gesellschaft e.V./ Archive of the GDR Opposition). At its first meeting, members of the new political groups and citizens movements and of the established parties came together to discuss the role of the Round Table in aiding the democratic transformation of the country. The session was recorded unofficially by Klaus Freymuth (1948-1991), an independent filmmaker and member of the oppositional New Forum.

To interrupt is to stop something, to cause a break in the continuity of a process or a condition, in its uniformity, to break this something off in the middle. One can interrupt a person to get them to stop what they are doing, or one can interrupt someone who speaks. In computers one speaks of an interruption, if one programme is stopped, so that another procedure can be carried out. In its Latin origin (rumpere), it is connected to notions of breaking, uprooting, bursting, tearing, rupturing, breaking asunder, or forcing open.

INTERRUPTING will launch in 2024.