Repeating: Versuche/Framed, single-channel video, 20 mins, 2018/2022

Material: Unedited video clips by Klaus Freymuth (courtesy of the Robert Havemann Gesellschaft e.V./ Archive of the GDR Opposition) of try-outs for a campaign video for the alliance of former citizens’ movements of the GDR in the first German post-unification elections of December 1990, with former Central Round Table attendees Ingrid Köppe und Wolfgang Ullmann. The election commercial appears not to have been completed or broadcast.

To repeat something is to say or do again the words or actions of oneself or of another, to experience or to produce again, to re-iterate, or restate something, or reproduce something from memory. For Sigmund Freud, repetition was a reaction to the experience of a traumatic event, through which that event is relived in the present. In the understanding of various schools of bodywork, such as the Feldenkrais Method, patterns of movement developed in response to traumatic experiences can archive this trauma in the body. When these counterreactions of the body to a past experience are integrated through therapy, patients have been found to achieve better functionality than that available before experiencing the trauma. 

REPEATING will launch in 2024.