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Documentary images and videos:

Sand covering people’s memorial for Aliaksandr Tarajkouski, protestor killed by the police on 10 August 2020. Pushkinskaya metro station. Minsk, Belarus.
Nasha Niva. 2.09.2020
@motolkohelp Telegram channel. 4.09.2020

Explosion during the protests in Minsk, Belarus. August 2020. (Copyright holder could not be found).

Protest action “The Art Of Regime”. 15.08.2020. Minsk, Belarus. Photograph: Lesia Pcholka. Screenshot from

TV channel “Belarus 1” on strike. Video. 17.08.2020. @belamova Telegram channel

BELCARD JSC, vehicle part producer, on strike. Video. Hrodna, Belarus. 2020. Nasha Niva Telegram channel

Protestors. Lida, Belarus. 2020. Image sent by participants to Radio Svaboda Telegram channel

Image of the teenager’s smartphone smashed during the protests. Baranovichi, Belarus. 12.08.2020. Photograph: Tatiana Malezh/Intex-Press. ““Who will be responsible for beating our children?!” Residents of Baranovichi met teenagers who were captured during street protests at the pre-trial detention center”

Image of the painted over white-red-white protest flag graffiti. Belarus. September 2020. Radio Svaboda

Anarchists at the protest march in Minsk, Belarus. 4.10.2020.

Protest graffiti inside the mine. Salihorsk, Belarus. 31.10.2020. (Copyright holder could not be found).

The worker of Belarusian Steel Works, Zhlobin, joined the general strike. 17.11.2020. Belsat.

Award ceremony for the best Minsk riot police. Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 24.11.2020.

Minsk riot policemen passed tests for the right to wear a black beret. Belarus Today. 13.11.2020

Solidarity action with detained anarchists by residents of Tractorny district in Minsk. 18.11.2020. Basta! Telegram channel.

Women’s protest action with books in Minsk metro. 2020. (Copyright holder could not be found).

Referenced art projects:

Nadya Sayapina, Solitary confinement 7.09.2020. From the the project “DOLLHOUSE”

Lesia Pcholka, Invisible Trauma

Nadya Sayapina, The Heritage. Performance, 1.07.2020, Art-Belarus Gallery. Screenshot of the video documentation